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Estimation & Billing Work

Estimation and Billing Engineer

Red Bricks Constructions ensures the owner of Building who is looking for the Cost Estimation to Construct the residential and commercial buildings. 

We have the Estimation and Billing Engineer Professionals who Quantify and cost your projects before establishment by using the deep calculations. 

We knowledge you to determined the detailed and exact material and labour cost before construction.

Quality & Quantity of the Material and estimation of your Home can be checked by our trained expert by visiting the client space.

We assist you with the billing work as per drawing which mainly lies in the accusative budgets which helps you to lower the transportation costs.

Out of pocket expenditure destroys your home dream if the estimation is not calculated in a proper way.

Estimation and Billing Engineer

Core Competencies of our work 

1. Detail Estimation of Building

2. Billing making as per Drawing as well as per site

3. Emphasis on Bill Checking Work

4. Measurement Sheet/ Abstract Sheet Making

5. Rate Analysis

6. Preparations of BOQ ( Bill of Quantities)

7.  Bar Bending Schedule Preparation as per drawing

8.  Common wall Bill Making and Checking 

9.  Preparation of bill according to Schedule rates

10. Sub-Contractors Bill Making and Checking.


estimation and billing engineer

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