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Red Bricks Constructions delivers the services for the Land Surveying works, build and to maintain all Civil Projects. we have a team which helps to give a proper practical Surveying services with the best course of action for the alignment of Road, Building and bridges Drainages etc.

We provide all Land Surveying Works with Auto Level for Doing any leveling work in Building and road and Total Station for doing any demarcation work on field such as marking and layout of plots, Locating Center Points of Road. 

We also deal in DGPS Survey ( Differential Global Positioning systems) to improve the location accuracy and to fix the ground Positions.

We also deal in GPS Survey which provides surveying and mapping data of High Accuracy which is faster than conventional surveying.

Our Principle is to work as team to target the project area required any type of services that can only be done through Auto-Level and Total Station with Techniques.

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